Innocuous slip – serious injuries. Why compensation claims arise after slipping accidents

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One of the things that makes Direct2Compensation the right choice for the claimant is that we offer support, belief and help in a time of distress and need. Sadly, some claimants find this isn’t the case with everyone, that their claim for compensation has been called into question and over-scrutinised by others.

This pressure is an unfortunate consequence of the myth relating to the compensation culture.  Those who have been injured in a bad accident at work or on the road are rarely questioned when it comes to them pursuing compensation. But claimants who have suffered injuries in more innocuous accidents, such as a slip on a wet floor in a supermarket, can be made to feel as if they didn’t genuinely deserve compensation.  They receive pressure and doubt from their own social network and work colleagues, with people wondering whether having simply slipped over, they could have suffered an injury serious enough to warrant making a claim.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Whilst making a claim for personal injury compensation is a private and confidential matter, most people do discuss their own claim with others.  One thing that often happens is people sympathise with or doubt a claimants right or genuine need for compensation depending on the type of accident that they have been involved in.  This ‘judging a book by its cover’ approach is very unfair, as even the most of innocuous of accidents can lead to very serious injuries, with very severe consequences to the injured person’s usual way of life.

When people hear about a claim for compensation when someone has slipped on a wet floor where there was no hazard sign erected, they usually form a judgement that the injury can’t be that bad.  We’ve all slipped and fallen in our lives and we usually get up with nothing worse than dented pride.  However, during the past 15 years that I have spent assisting people pursuing claims for personal injury compensation, I have met many claimants who after slipping on wet floors, have sustained injuries from which they will never fully recover.

There are a number of common injuries associated with personal injury compensation claims, ranging from ligament sprains and other soft tissue injuries, through to orthopaedic injuries such as fractures.  Some of these can see speedy recoveries, some can have permanent implications.  There are many variables in this that affect someone’s prospects of recovery, from the age of the person, to the level of medical care that they receive, but one should never refuse to accept that someone can be badly injured from what may initially have seemed to be a minor fall.  I’ve met people who have fractured their spine, been left with pins and screws holding their pelvis together and even one client who suffered a serious brain injury after falling heavily on a spillage in a large supermarket – all from what could be seen as simply a slip. With this in mind, it is no wonder that claims for compensation are made following slipping accidents.

At Direct2Compensation, we always adopt an open minded approach to any accident scenario.  What is important at the outset of any claim is evaluating the prospects of succeeding.  We need to assess if the claimant will be able to demonstrate (with the assistance of ourselves and our expert specialist personal injury solicitors) that the 3rd party are liable for their injuries.  If we can demonstrate negligence – in slipping accidents this can be worked out by knowing whether or not you have a valid claim for slipping accident compensation, we’ll take your claim on and get you the justice you deserve whether your claim is worth £1000 or £1m!

If you are not sure of your rights, want to know how much your claim might be worth, how long the claim will take or get a step by step guide to the claims process, contact us today. Our team won’t doubt you, we’ll support you and give you the confidence to pursue your claim for personal injury compensation.

0 questions have been answered on this subject - ask us your question

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