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Chest injury compensation claims can arise from any type of injury or illness to the chest area. This covers between the neck and diaphragm and can include fractures to the bones of the ribs, chest and sternum, plus soft tissue damage to the ligaments and muscles around the ribs and chest.

It also relates to chronic serious health problems affecting the lungs, such as mesothelioma or as a result of inhalation of substances hazardous to health.

Compensation settlement values in claims for chest injury compensation can reach substantial sums, as in some cases, the damage can have permanent consequences.

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Common causes of chest injuries and illnesses

Typically, injuries to the chest area occur as a result of an impact trauma. This could be following a road traffic accident, especially motorcycle accidents, or from a fall from height or criminal assault.

In cases of road traffic accidents, heavy vehicle impacts often lead to damage to the rib cage or sternum. For motorcyclists, broken ribs and collarbones are a common outcome.

We also assist many people with chest injury compensation claims following a fall from height in an accident at work. Those who fall from ladders or other raised workspaces such as kick stools often sustain injuries to the intercostal muscles around the ribs, as well as broken ribs.

Chest-related illnesses seen in the compensation claims sector tend to be asbestosis, or mesothelioma. This condition, which can be fatal, occurs as a result of the inhalation of dangerous particles of asbestos that go on to damage the tissues of the lungs and lead to cancer. Other causes of chest illnesses in the workplace arise from the negligent handling and storage of chemicals and toxic substances, where inadequate personal protective equipment and training is enforced.

How do I know if I can make a claim?

Any person who suffers a trauma injury to their chest area, or serious illness affecting the lungs, can seek to make a claim if the cause was due to the negligence of someone else.

On the road

In cases of a car or motorcycle accident, the injured person can seek to claim chest injury compensation from the insurers of the negligent driver that caused the accident. In the event of a hit and run or uninsured driver, our specialist solicitors can pursue a No Win No Fee claim for chest injury compensation via the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme.

Work accidents

Where chest injuries were caused by way of an accident in the workplace, whether as a result of a fall or being crushed, or due to inadequate training and unsupervised use of dangerous machinery, the injured worker can succeed with a claim if it can be demonstrated that their employer was negligent and failed to adequately protect their health and safety.

Employers have statutory duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to ensure that all staff are adequately trained and that appropriate steps are taken to minimise the risk of injury in the workplace.

Work illnesses

Where chest illnesses are caused at work, usually through negligent handling of substances hazardous to health, such as those seen in breaches of the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH)’, an injured employee can seek to make a no win no fee claim for chest injury compensation on the grounds of employer negligence.

How much is my chest injury claim worth?

As with all claims for compensation, the first step to reaching a valuation is for our specialist solicitor to establish liability and gain an admission of the same from the defendant insurers. Once this has happened, the process of placing a valuation on a suitable settlement can begin.

The value of a chest injury compensation claim will be made up of two parts – the element for general damages (reached on the basis of medical evidence and length of injury or recovery) as well as special damages, where any costs and lost income can be recovered.

Your solicitor will instruct a medical expert to assess you and provide a detailed report on the extent of your injuries or illness, and what level of recovery you are likely to make. It is from the prognosis provided by an expert report and by reviewing judicial guidelines that an appropriate general damages value can be made on your claim.

In cases where the chest injury or illness is fairly minor and a full recovery is expected in a fairly short period of time, the average claim value range is £1,000 to £3,000.

More serious damage to the chest, such as that caused by inhalation of dangerous chemicals that will have a permanent impact (but not cause loss of life) can see chest injury claim values of between £4,000 and £14,000.

The most serious of chest injuries and illnesses, including terminal illnesses such as mesolothemia, can see substantial damages awarded to the claimant of values exceeding £100,000.

How Direct2Compensation can help you claim

At Direct2Compensation, our expert team know your rights and can quickly assess whether the cause of your chest injury meets the criteria to pursue a claim for compensation.

Whether you have been injured in an accident at work or on the road, we will pair you with the right specialist solicitor. We speak in simple terms and offer an easy to understand and transparent claims process that affords you the peace of mind to focus on your recovery. We work hard to maximise the value and ensure the best chances of succeeding with your claim for chest injury compensation.

You can start your claim online or request a call back, and one of our expert team will be in touch to offer help.

Alternatively, you may prefer to call us and ask some questions to find out more about your rights and whether or not you can make a claim for chest injury compensation. If so, simply call us on 01225 430285.

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