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Hundreds of thousands of people attend hospital with a foot injury each year, with almost half of those having to take time off work as a result.

Any person who injures their foot in an accident at work as a result of employer negligence can seek to make a claim for compensation. Furthermore, anyone else who suffers a foot injury as a result of a non-fault accident in a public place also has the right to make a claim.

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Common types of foot injury that can be claimed for

Broken bones, fractures and soft-tissue damage are all commonly associated with foot injury compensation claims. They are often caused by slips and trips, falls from height, or if an object is dropped on the foot.

Frequently the injuries include fractured talus bone (heel fracture), ankle bone fractures, metatarsal fractures and fractures to the toe bones. Surgery can be required to implant metal work to aid the recovery or fusion of the bones. In such cases, the foot injury will be permanent and lead to ongoing discomfort and restricted mobility.

In other serious cases, a foot injury can include damage to the soft tissues – ligaments and tendons – within the foot. This can lead to longer term issues affecting mobility, strength and deformity.

With very severe injuries, amputation of the foot may have occurred or be surgically required.

Compensation amounts

The value of a foot injury compensation settlement will vary depending on its severity. The amounts below are for the injury itself, but you can also claim for special damages which would include your expenses and rehabilitation therapies, for example.

The largest settlement amounts are reserved for amputation, where the loss of an ankle joint has obvious implications for mobility and quality of life. The amputation of one foot falls in a bracket of around £65,000 to £85,000. While the loss of both feet attracts double this value.

Very severe foot injuries would include those which produce permanent and severe pain, or really serious permanent disability. For example, amputation of the forefoot or loss of use of the heel. Compensation amounts here are again in the £65,000 to £90,000 bracket.

Fractures to both heels or feet (or an unusually severe injury to one foot) with a substantial restriction on mobility or considerable and permanent pain can see settlement values of between £30,000 and £60,000.

Those which are less severe but lead to continuing pain and prolonged treatment, with the risk of arthritis, fall between around £20,000 and £30,000.

Foot injuries such as a displaced metatarsal fracture, which can result in permanent deformity and ongoing symptoms, have a value of between £10,000 and £20,000.

Simple metatarsal fractures, ruptured ligaments, puncture wounds and other minor injuries fall into a range of between £5,000 and £10,000 depending on continuing symptoms and treatment.

Workplace foot injuries

Workers at risk of foot injury should be trained to work safely and provided with adequate personal protective equipment, such as steel-toe-capped boots to minimise the risk of fractures to the feet.

Those who are required to stand for lengthy periods of time, or wear prescribed footwear, are at risk of suffering foot health conditions such as bursitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome (which affects the nerve behind the inner ankle bone) and other conditions.

If employers fail to adequately train staff and do all they can to minimise the risk of a foot injury, they could face a claim for compensation.

How Direct2Compensation can help you claim

Our expert staff know your rights after an accident at work, or a trip or slip in a public place, and can quickly identify whether the cause of your foot injury is something that could lead to a successful claim for compensation.
We will link you with one of our specialist solicitors who will ensure that your rights are enforced and that any compensation due to you is obtained at the maximum value.

Our no win no fee claims process is easy to understand and will give you the confidence you need to pursue your claim.

We know that you may have concerns about making a claim, especially for an accident at work. With that in mind, we’re here to answer any queries you may have, and let you know whether or not your claim is viable and worth pursuing.

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  1. I broke my foot 2x at work. I worked at a convienent store/pizza parlor. I wore flip flops during warm days, even going barefoot at times. My manager and boss/owner never said I couldn’t. Anyways, I was cleaning up in the back one day and stepped on a metal rod (u put chips, sunflower seeds etc on it for disolay) that goes on pegboard . I immediately went up front n sat down at the table n called over my mngr cuz the pain I felt was almost unbearable. The skin wasn’t broken but there was a round mark from the metal rod and the bottom of my foot was starting to bruise. I let it go for a day or so went to at 2 different times they misdiagnosed my broken foot for cellulitis. 3rd er visit, also different hospital, showed I had broken my foot (the bone that holds ur body weight) in 3 different places. And was given a knee walker crutches n boot. Went from boot to a medical shoe for almost 8 weeks. I was off work(Drs order) for 9 days. Without pay. I had ins at the time, N yes I told er, Drs., and specialist it happened at work. I returned back to work 9 days later and broke the bone next to previously broken one while walking out to deliver a pizza. It stopped me in my tracks and right in from of my boss the owner. I thought my foot just popped but it started swelling. Break #2. I worked with 2 broken bones in my foot n finally was scheduling surgery cuz foot has to b reconstructed with rods. And my ins cancels me. Not due to this injury. However it’s been almost a year since break, I’ve hired a lawyer, (if u want to call him that) and he says I’m only going to get $12000. And of course he gets 20%. Surgery alone might cover the $10000 I get but there’s hospital stay anesthesiologist medication out so so therapy plus I haven’t been able to work since last March. My old boss keeps calling me asking me for a number cuz he didn’t have workers comp ins at time of injuries. Is the $12000 a fair amount or should I deny it or even get a different attirney???

    • It is not possible for us to advise you accurately as your accident and claim is not within the UK legal system.

      If you are not happy with the legal service you are receiving you should look in to whether or not you are able to switch to a new specialist legal service provider and make a complaint to your current Solicitor to ensure that you are receiving the right specialist advice.

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